Many people experience painful symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, interrupting or ruining their quality of life. Learn how Sanexas can treat the chronic and acute pain caused by Peripheral Neuropathy.

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain every year. About 20 million suffer from pain that interferes with their daily lives. Learn how our integrated approach can help with many different chronic pain conditions.

Inflammation causes pain and degeneration of our joints. Learn how Regenerative Cell Therapy helps the body repair itself and heal degenerated tissues.

Relief from Neuropathy and chronic pain conditions

Combined Electrochemical Therapy (CET) is a unique treatment method that has been scientifically proven effective for many patients because it helps your body repair damaged tissues and nerve pathways. By addressing these underlying causes of your symptoms, patients get long term relief from chronic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, post­surgical pain, chronic shoulder pain, chronic knee pain and many other chronic pain conditions without invasive treatments or the complications that can come with medications.

Relieve Pain

Medical research shows CET resulted in complete resolution of neuropathy symptoms in 87% of patients.

Improve Function

CET can help you live life with less pain, more mobility so you can enjoy your family, work, hobbies, exercise and travel again.

FDA Approved

Our combined electrochemical therapy is FDA approved and covered by Medicare and most major medical plans.

Clinically Proven

Our clinic uses the only electronic cell signaling device used in clinical research proving ability to heal nerves.


Why Choose Us?
The Wave of the Future is Here

Chronic pain affects more than 100 million people in the United States alone. Often the only options presented are surgery or pain management through prescription medication. At Integrated Pain Solutions we strive to provide different and cutting edge options to our patients with non-invasive, drug-free medical treatments whenever possible.

Integrated Pain Solutions is bringing together the most effective and ethical form of treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy and chronic pain.

"I've been seeing Dr. Mickel for years--I refuse to go anywhere else. Dr. Mickel and his staff are incredibly kind and will go out of their way to help you achieve mobility & wellness."

Mobility and wellness

“I'll get there in pain and leave pain free. Absolutely awesome!! Very happy I found Dr. Mickel. The pain relief is amazing!"

Pain free

"The pain was definitely a 10, it really affected my day to day activities. (My pain) now I would probably put at a 2, there are some points I don't have any pain at all."

Knee Pain

"Dr. Mickel and his staff are awesome! Gentle method and great results!"

Gentle method

"This has been a very positive experience for me. When no other Chiropractor could relieve my pain, Dr. Mickel did. I can walk again and have fun. He is easy to see, and listens to all my comments."

Walk again

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