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Integrated Pain Solutions was founded with a singular goal. To do everything possible to figure out what is causing your chronic pain and help support your body to achieve healing through natural protocols. Patients seek treatment at Integrated Pain Solutions for numerous pain conditions, including peripheral neuropathy, back and neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, hip pain, and many other forms of chronic pain. Most of our patients have been on the medical merry-go-round for years with little to no help and are looking for answers to their chronic pain. Our integrative healthcare philosophy puts patients at the center of their medical care. This approach focuses on treating the whole person, and not just their symptoms.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

At Integrated Pain Solutions we use cellular and structural biologics derived from the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane to help the body repair, replace, cushion, support, protect and function at optimal levels.

Chronic Pain

Dr. Mickel provides a unique blend of structural care and P.N.T. (Pain Neutralization Technique developed by Dr. Stephen Kaufman) to eliminate pain and help restore function quickly.

Joint Pain & Degeneration

We offer our patients additional support through the use of Standard Process whole food nutrition, metabolic weight loss programs and personalized at home exercise programs to aid your recovery.

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Dr. Mickel has spent the past 20+ years traveling around the country learning from many chiropractors.

Nurse Practitioner

Linina Zocchi, a Northwest Native, has always had a special place in her heart for helping others and after a family member's passing she chose the path of nursing.


Kirsten joined our practice in 2021


Joined our practice in 2022

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