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"For the last decade I’ve had problems with my knees that have gotten progressively worse. People kept saying “When are you going to have your knees replaced, surgery?” I kept saying “Never!”, then I found out about stem cells. I took the plunge and I’m so grateful. Since the weekend after the Thursday shot I felt like dancing, I could tell so much difference in my legs, knees and feet. They don’t hurt anymore!”


“I had severe knee pain in both knees and was waiting for total knee replacement in both knees. I am doing really well (after stem cell therapy), I’m able to walk up to a mile and a half with no pain at all”


The pain was definitely a 10, it really affected my day to day activities. (My pain) now I would probably put at a 2, there are some points I don't have any pain at all.

Knee Pain

Since I've had my knee Injections 6 weeks ago the part where it hurts where I feel the pain every time I get up and move is 80% gone. I can now walk like a 64 year old woman and soon I expect I'll be walking like a 44 year old woman.

Knee Pain

After having the procedure done it was probably about the 5th week before I started to notice a change. I'm already feeling like 90% better.

Shoulder Pain

Within a day or two, much of the inflammation was gone from the joint and the bunion was down to about a quarter of its size.

Bunion and Neck Pain